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Creating world-class customer support

When critical systems go down, it’s all about the recovery. Service and Support organizations are judged on their ability to fix problems… and do so quickly. Customer experience is everything.

In a subscription-based service world, the support organization essentially “owns” the customer relationship and renewal. Avoiding churn is critical to the growth of technology providers.

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Make your customer experience world-class

  • Problem solving process

    Organizations have processes for almost everything. Surprisingly, most do not have one for solving problems. By defining a process and making it visible we can start managing its quality and make it measurable and repeatable so we can troubleshoot incisively.

  • Consistent results under pressure

    When trouble hits, you do not want to leave things to chance or creativity. Only a consistent, high-quality process will generate consistent, world-class results when you are under pressure. For example, we know a "quality problem statement" will reduce your MTTR by up to 18%. Paying attention to the fundamentals of good troubleshooting is the basis for superior service.

  • Scalability

    Research has shown that both the volume and complexity of problems is increasing at a dramatic rate. It is a losing battle to advance your technical knowledge at the same pace as technological advance. This means, product experience alone will not carry the day. KT provides a “technology-independent” process approach. Because it’s based on critical thinking and logic, it is scalable and applicable across your entire technology and product portfolio

  • Effectiveness and efficiency

    The pressure is always on to become better, faster and more cost-effective. In this environment, trial and error is a costly approach that wastes your time and your customer's time. When budgets are tight and resources overloaded, KT creates critical efficiency and effectiveness in the support environment.


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Provide a seamless, end-to-end customer service experience

As the backbone of a technology organization, the speed at which the customer support department can restore service, manage risk, and prevent future problems will directly translate to cost savings and increased productivity companywide.


Proficiency and speed in satisfying customers is an organization’s competitive advantage. The KT approach will equip your organization with a suite of scalable solutions and tools to provide a world-class customer experience.


Our clients experience:

  • Increased customer satisfaction and retention
  • Reduced Resolution Time
  • Reduced Service Cost
  • Higher “First-Time-Fix rate”
  • Reduced unnecessary spare part usage
  • Reduced churn and “trial and error”


The Project

Microsoft beauftragte Kepner-Tregoe mit der Implementierung der KT-Suite rationaler Prozesse, die es den Technikern und Anwälten ermöglichen, Probleme erfolgreich zu sortieren, zu klären und zu priorisieren, die Ursache von Kundenproblemen mit Genauigkeit und Schnelligkeit zu finden, Entscheidungen über die besten nächsten Schritte zu treffen und zukünftige Kundenprobleme zu minimieren.


Total DTS fell by about 1 day per case


Total TMPI fell by about 27 min per case

Primary Goals

Reduce DTS (days to solve). Reduce TMPI (time minutes per incident/net effort). Improve customer satisfaction. Improve team collaboration. Drive customer obsession mindset. Drive world class case handling experience


Customer satisfaction has improved by 3.3%

On Course to Exceed Goals by Four Times

As part of the implementation of the Kepner-Tregoe methodology, the client set KPI goals. For incident management, it performed a baseline of its MTTR (Mean Time To Resolve) for its business-critical applications, and then set a goal of 15% improvement. For MTTF (Mean Time To Failure), the goal was an 8% improvement.


Improvement in MTTF


Improvement in MTTR


Die Kepner-Tregoe-Implementierung wurde für einen Zeitraum von 12 Monaten gestartet, der im April begann und im darauf folgenden März endete. Nach neun Monaten hatte sich die MTTR auf 64% verbessert, mehr als das Vierfache des Jahresziels. Am Ende desselben Neunmonatszeitraums erreichte die MTTF 27% und übertraf damit das Jahresziel um das Dreifache.


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