Diagnostische Bewertung

KT Diagnostic Services

Driving change to produce results requires understanding your starting point and where best to focus limited resources for maximum impact. KT Diagnostic services offer a variety of quantitative and qualitative analyses to assess your processes, people, systems and measurement capabilities in a holistic manner.

We evaluate your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as well as the "leading indicators" of performance, the behaviors, practices and processes that drive those KPIs.

Was ist Diagnostik?

Our Approach

  • Menschen

    We start by evaluating both existing capabilities and those required for future success. Then we align your performance system to support your workforce in applying those capabilities.

  • Prozess

    We assess the maturity of your processes to understand their efficiency and the quality of their outputs, as well as how well they interface with other parts of your operation.

  • Technologie

    We ensure your workflow supports your critical processes and at the same time helps create reusable knowledge and insight into the critical data needed to manage your business.

  • Measurement

    We evaluate your business from the perspective of both lagging and leading indicators of performance to know where to focus your improvement efforts.


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Targeting improvement for maximum ROI

Evaluate the maturity of your business


Define the baseline from which to measure improvement


Focus your limited resources on the most important opportunities


Develop an implementation plan that maximizes the ROI from your capability development and process improvement investments


KT Diagnostic services give you clarity and help create alignment among your leadership team

Wie wir es machen



NS BlueScope Coated Products is a joint venture with Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation. KT’s most recent initiative with NS BlueScope Malaysia related to a number of challenges encountered by the manufacturing staff who performed troubleshooting and root cause analysis for the metal coating process.


reduction in stops per shift


improvement in speed loss


The value of KT’s most recent initiative with the team at NS BlueScope Malaysia took many forms, but the results clearly reveal why this was a winning collaboration.


savings from yield improvements


Target Corporation wanted to close the gap in their high severity incident management processes. The challenges were multi-faceted.


Verkürzung der mittleren Zeit bis zur Wiederherstellung


Verringerung der Schwankungen


A pilot project was implemented. Over a four-month period, Kepner-Tregoe worked with the High Severity Incident Management group of one of the major technology groups. Results included:

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