Kepner-Tregoe appoints Drew Marshall as COO

Jan 31, 2024

Elevating client-focused leadership

Seasoned executive Drew Marshall assumes key role in overseeing client-facing functions across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific regions

Bill Baldwin, CEO of Kepner-Tregoe, Inc. (KT) has announced the appointment of Drew Marshall to the role of Chief Operating Officer effective January 1, 2024. After serving as Regional Managing Director of North America since 2019 and adding the responsibilities of internal board member in 2021 and Regional Managing Director of Europe in 2023. Drew is moving forward with a key role focused on providing oversight to the firm’s client facing functions.

Drew Marshall, Chief Operating Officer

Drew has been with KT 14 years in total. He initially joined the business in 1999 as a field resource in the US and over a 10-year period moved into senior leadership roles, including becoming our Chief Innovation Officer. Drew left the business in 2009 to pursue a focus on innovation performance. His consulting practice focused on clients across multiple industries providing support around the establishment of the culture of innovation in these enterprises. He remained connected to KT and in 2016, the firm engaged Drew to facilitate our strategy formulation.

In his new role as COO, Drew will have leadership responsibility for all three regions, North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific, with the Regional Managing Directors and General Manager reporting to him. Drew will also have the functions of Organizational Talent and Leadership Development, Innovation and KT Digital reporting into him.

About Kepner-Tregoe

Kepner-Tregoe is a global consulting firm that offers swift solutions to complex problems and enhances system performance through advanced technologies for prioritization, decision-making, and problem-solving. For over 60 years, KT has delivered superior service leading to increased efficiency, quality improvement, and cost reduction. Our best practices are utilized by nearly all Fortune 100 companies.

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