Top 5 Kepner-Tregoe Blogs for 2016

From the provocative to the informative, these are the posts that captured the most interest from our readers last year. Take a second look and see what you might have missed.During 2016 our top five posts were read by almost 7000 people.

  1. The End of ITIL – In KT’s most popular post, Craig Barbakow looked at the dire predictions that have circulated for years about the imminent demise of ITIL®. He discussed the misinterpretation of the ITIL framework and discounted the supposed conflict between the DevOps and Agile movements and ITIL.
  2. The Game is Afoot: Using The Cause-Effect Relationship To Enhance Your Problem Solving System – This Holmes-inspired post compares KT’s problem solving techniques to the way Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s consulting detective went about solving crime, using data to form a hypothesis and eliminating theories that do not fit the facts of the case.
  3. 根本原因分析。闇雲にやるのと、的を射るのとでは、雲泥の差がある – KT’s Chris Green authored the third most popular post for 2016 with a look at problem solving in the nuclear power industry. This is an environment that takes problem solving to a new level of intensity: problems must be solved quickly and accurately. Chris explains how the problem solving techniques used in this environment easily translate for any organization.
  4. No More Bad Decisions:他人を巻き込んで意思決定を改善する – This top-ranking post looks at the importance of involving the right people in your decision making process. The article discusses how, historically, decisions were made in a unilateral, top-down process, but this has now changed with teamwork being seen as the most productive way to make complex decisions.
  5. Fighting Entropy While Climbing the Project Management Mountain – In this popular post, KT’s David Frank discusses the law of entropy and how it impacts what we do in the world of project management. He talks about starting points, check points and assumptions and the importance of maintenance during the life of a project.

Are there any posts from our site that you would like to recommend? Are there any topics you want us to cover in 2017? As the global leader in problem solving training, technology and consulting services, KT is committed to sharing our expertise and providing a forum for sharing ideas. Let us know in the comments.


The end of ITIL?
The Game is Afoot: Using The Cause-Effect Relationship To Enhance Your Problem Solving System
No More Bad Decisions:他人を巻き込んで意思決定を改善する