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A few words about the IT & Communications Industry

Information and Communication Technology impacts every industry and person. It is currently reshaping the future through new networks and devices, advances in AI, new communications platforms, and massive increases in data collection–all within a 24/7 world of instant access to anything, anywhere, at any time.

Kepner-Tregoe provides the IT and communications industry with a unique combination of training, coaching, and consulting services that help companies get to the root cause of problems, restore service quickly, solve major incidents faster, and address systemic issues including IT stability. Our systematic, data-driven approach to problem solving delivers measurable results to clients seeking to improve quality and effectiveness while reducing overall costs. Our solutions for incident and problem management increase system reliability and develop strong individual and team capabilities for excellence in IT service management.

From our early years working with the NASA Apollo program to today’s global high-tech companies, we consistently help our clients resolve mission-critical problems, dramatically reduce resolution time, increase customer satisfaction, and restore service. Our performance improvement projects typically achieve an ROI of at least 5:1 and reductions in MTTR by up to 80%.

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Success Stories


Target Corporation wanted to close the gap in their high severity incident management processes. The challenges were multi-faceted.


Reduction in mean-time-to-restore


Reduction in variation


A pilot project was implemented. Over a four-month period, Kepner-Tregoe worked with the High Severity Incident Management group of one of the major technology groups.


Deutsche Bank has more than 78,000 employees, more than 2,700 branches in 70 countries and assets of almost $2 trillion. With teams of problem managers at multiple locations across the globe, the challenge was each siloed group of problem managers was using different root cause analysis (RCA) and incident management tools to address client incidents at a local level—but they couldn’t seem to reduce the number of incidents or the time required to solve them.


Reduction in client-facing incidents


Reduction in year two


What was discovered was that process training resolved the toughest problem management challenges in a global IT environment. Read full client success story including second global bank success.

Our Latest Thinking on IT & Communications Industry

Great incident management can provide the opportunity for continuous improvement and greater IT stability. Poor incident management, however, can lead to lasting damage to a company’s productivity, reputation, and financial performance

Shift-left is a concept that emerged in the late 90’s with the goal – to catch software defects early and remediate them before costs became high. Empowering employees at the front of your customer service value chain to handle issues proactively can offer many improvements to the product and drastic reductions in cost. In some cases, we’ve seen a 100X reduction.

As systems are only getting more complex—especially with cloud entering the picture—outages are going to continue. But many can be avoided, and others fixed quickly by putting resources behind having the right skilled employees in the right positions following proven best practices and processes.

While IT systems can easily collect and correlate data, IT professionals have a big opportunity to add applied intelligence to determine corrective steps then automate responses for similar future issues.


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