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Facilitation Services

Your organization can solve tough issues: we can show you how

Expert facilitation provides impartial guidance to help your teams solve crises when emotions are running high. This substantially increases the efficiency and effectiveness of finding a solution, while gaining the support and commitment of all involved.

Not only is a problem solved, but your troubleshooting team will have experience in a new method they can apply to future critical situations.

What Diagnostics Is

KT’s Approach

  • Understand

    The facilitator conducts a historical review of the problem together with key individuals. At this level, we want to understand and define the areas that require further details, discussion and measurement, as well as to advise stakeholders on the outcomes to expect and next steps to achieve.

  • Clarify

    To align the team around the issues to be addressed and the work to be done, a full-group review of all fact-finding information is examined to identify, clarify and prioritize all issues surrounding the problem.

  • Data Gathering

    For each specific problem, the facilitator guides the group to gather facts that describe the problem and identify what information is missing. This helps the people involved focus on where to look, who to talk to and what questions to ask. Once this description of the basic facts is sufficient, the facilitator uses it to guide the group to identify potential causal factors that are unique to the problem. Again, these facts about the problem help guide people’s search for additional data. This information sets up the data gathering tasks for the next session.

  • Hypothesis development

    Examination of the facts about the problem and the potential causal factors unique to the problem offers a higher level of clarity and focus to avoid distractions and false trails. By comparing the data about factual events that relate to the problem, ideas that might be hidden from view emerge, allowing the team to develop and identify possible causes.

  • Testing possible causes

    This is a logic test to eliminate false causes and guide the development of a confirmation plan. By comparing their hypotheses against the facts of the problem, the team can gain insight about which causes just don’t make sense, and where there are gaps in their understanding of the causes that do make sense.

  • Verified cause, and next steps

    Up to this point, the steps of the process have been data gathering and analysis, keeping costs for resolution at a minimum. Now they need to go out to the factory floor or the field, either to gather existing data or take actions to create new data. The documentation from the testing phase is the blueprint for these activities. Once the problem has been solved, the results can also serve to inform stakeholders for future maintenance and adjustment.


We help your team identify a clear course of action to handle issues and position your company for growth.

As with the examples below, we will help your company gain and then maintain a competitive advantage:

  • A major car manufacturer increased management capability that allowed them to meet critical business objectives.
  • Following a merger, a global company saved $1.3 million on insurance costs the first year and $300,000 in the subsequent 5 years.
  • A computer chip manufacturer solved a long-standing defect problem, saving $2.8 million annually.

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