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Service Operations

Service Operations

Incident Handling

When systems fail, our response needs to be swift and targeted. KT's incident management solutions enable organizations to respond to clients in the most effective way, ensuring minimal business disruption and delighting customers

Problem Solving/Root-Cause Analysis

Instability stems from poor problem solving and technical debt. KT is the global leader in root cause analysis and problem solving, providing you with the tools to fix your problems...for good.

Maturity Assessment

Group of businesspeople standing in the office

Jumping to a solution within a complex environment is never a good idea. KT helps businesses gain an understanding of their overall capability and biggest improvement opportunities so that you can target the best areas for maximum ROI.


Regardless of the quality of an instructional program, the real learning occurs when a person is on the job and is applying the techniques, while being coached by a seasoned expert.

Workflow Management

IT Engineers Working in System Control

Work happens in workflows. It's how we create value and knowledge. Problem-Solving tools are the most effective when they are fully integrated into your workflow management.


Business meeting

Airline pilots do not learn to fly airplanes by reading books, they practice in simulators. KT has simulation technology that allows teams to practice and hone their problem solving skills.

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3 Reasons

Speed & Simplicity in Problem Solving & Prevention

Software for the human brain

Speed & Simplicity in Problem Solving & Prevention

Skills to solve issues faster and smarter

Speed & Simplicity in Problem Solving & Prevention

Improve system speed and simplicity

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