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Playbook Development

Our approach

The KT Playbook establishes a “one-best-way” to attack problems or incidents successfully every time, by tailoring your business processes, contractual agreements, and communication protocols with KT’s best-in-class critical thinking framework. The output is a customized reference manual and training guide that can be used by both new and senior staff to professionally manage critical situations with confidence.

Playbook creation begins with a series of team interviews for a strategy review or creation, then continues with process and workflow reviews. Finishing touches are to integrate the best of what you already do with global best practices to position your organization towards achieving optimal results.

What Diagnostics Is

Features and benefits

  • Rapid Response

    Enable team members to rapidly respond to problems or incidents by helping them ask the right questions to understand the next steps they need to take, or teams they need to involve.

  • Tailored

    KT experts work with your teams to understand your current approach and processes to customize an on-the-job reference manual perfect building capability and providing guidance when dealing with high priority situations.

  • Capability

    Reinforce concepts taught during classroom learning, simulation, and coaching sessions so they become a long-lasting part of the culture, and not just an emergency tool that is seldom used.

  • Customer Experience

    Consistently delivering a high-quality journey through critical situations will help vendors, suppliers, and clients be more willing to work with you, rather than against you when a tough outage occurs.

Additional Advantages

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In addition to driving customer satisfaction, the collateral benefits of creating and establishing a “one-best-way” through playbook development include improvements in training and onboarding, accuracy in coaching, streamlining of tasks, procedural consistency, better communication, and improved morale.    

Results At Practice

Impressive Outcome in a Four-Month Period
Time to resolve variance graph

The Target Corporation was interested in developing a playbook to close the gap in their high severity incident management processes. KT put a program in place to identify accountable team members for each area, communication requirements for every stage, and a clearly defined sequence of actions.

Results after four months:
• 74% reduction in Mean-Time to-Restore
• 77% reduction in Variation
• Increase in the percentage of “Global Incidents Avoided”
• Improvement in process quality and consistency

Success Stories


Incidents were becoming more complex, increasing the probability and risk of major outages. The geographically disbursed team of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) required a high degree of coordination during the incident handling process. The organization was lacking a consistent, repeatable approach for taking control of incidents and keeping everyone “on the same page”.


reduction in Mean-Time-to-Restore


reduction in variation


An analysis of the Incident Management function in order to baseline performance and assess the underlying capabilities, processes, and IT ecosystem. A streamlining of the High Severity Incident Management process with respect to the sequence of process steps and the execution of those steps


in the percentage of “Global Incidents Avoided”


For the global telecom provider with more than 40 million mobile phone, DSL, LTE, cable internet, landline, cable TV and IPTV services in Europe, it is crucial to have a robust IT infrastructure that has the capacity to address a multitude of customer issues and problems every day of the year.


improvement in MTTF


improvement in MTTR


The Kepner-Tregoe implementation was launched for a 12-month period, beginning in April and ending the following March. At the nine-month mark, MTTR had improved to 64%, over four times the annual goal target. At the end of the same nine-month period, MTTF reached 27%, exceeding the annual goal by four times.


times the annual goal

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