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Improving Performance by Thinking Differently

Aerospace & Defense

The Client

For clients such as Boeing, Airbus, Lockheed Martin and Dassault, Fokker is a valued strategic specialist in the design, development and supply of lightweight structures, modules and landing gear for the civil and military aviation industry.

In the aerospace industry quality expectations are extremely high and clients demand first time right. Seeking to prevent problems and resolve issues at high speed, Fokker’s Driving Quality program turned to KT-method. To address non- conformities, Fokker wanted to increase their issue resolution maturity. This meant improving the quality and completeness of information about problems, accelerate root cause analysis and involve the right people at the right time.

After a successful pilot program, KT was rolled out further and included Problem Solving & Decision Making training, coaching and facilitation, process integration into daily and weekly structures, and performance alignment.

Great Results

Success has been measured in a drastic reduction in non-conformities which is saving millions of euros yearly.

  • Significant decrease in spin-off costs of approximately 4.5 million euro
  • Non-Conformity (NC) reduction of up to 70% in 3 years in specific departments
  • Production more streamlined
  • Structural tackling of (underlying) causes of problems, rather than the symptoms
  • Multidisciplinary collaboration and better team spirit
  • Greater attention to prevention of problems

A pro-active culture has replaced the “fire-fighting” of reactive problem solving. Now KT methodologies are part of standard training and are being rolled out internationally throughout Fokker operations.

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