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Making learning effective even in challenging circumstances

Unfortunately, the Corona virus continues to spread with several countries now taking major steps to slow down the growth in the number of confirmed cases, and protect their citizens from further harm. The outbreak is moving quickly creating a dynamic environment that companies are attempting to adapt to and manage effectively. The next stage of the outbreak is uncertain with the impact on the global economy predicted to be substantial, particularly in the near future as supply chains remain disrupted and buying behavior is uncertain.

Many organizations have now implemented temporary policies to protect their employees and minimize the impact of the virus on employee health and business continuity. Many of the policies focus on additional health and hygiene practices including eliminating handshakes or other forms of traditional personal greetings. Corporate policies limiting; travel, plant or facility access to non-employees, requesting employees to work from home, and limiting situations where employees work together in large groups are impacting corporations in several different areas.

We are all struggling with the impact of Covid-19, with one of the key challenges being the uncertainty surrounding the impact of the virus. We have found it helpful within our own organization, and in working with our clients, to spend time identifying potential risks and developing mitigation and contingent actions. Setting up the contingent actions, and the triggers that initiate them, is a key step as we cannot always develop actions to mitigate issues before they occur.

Contact us if you would like some support in completing a risk mitigation plan.

The current health crisis is having a greater impact on specific industries including tourism, hospitality, and the cruise industry. Oil prices have dropped substantially due to the combined impact of Covid-19 and OPEC’s inability to agree on production quotas. Issues like the global spread of the Coronavirus accelerate the rapidity of change and organizations must adapt and prepare for unplanned business challenges. It is unreasonable to expect that business operations will immediately return to prior conditions once the danger of the spread of the virus has passed. Some forced changes will be positive and will become new policies and procedures.

The pace of change continues to increase and KT remains focused on developing innovate solutions to meet the needs of organizations and their employees, including the virtual delivery of these solutions. Our Risk Mitigationproduct portfolio incorporates several products and services that focus on experiential learning and gamification to engage employees and embed learning through simulated practice and application using real world scenarios and issues.

We are using KTeX products to help organizations develop their employees’ skills and reinforce their behaviors to enable them to embrace change, evolve their roles and thrive in a business environment where the only certainty is change.

KTeX is an ongoing effort to further increase the high-involvement learning components in all of our solutions as well as a suite of new problem-solving offerings that are part of an initiative for experiential learning—enhancing and accelerating learning through hands-on experiences that can be delivered both in -persona as well as virtually. The KTeX program focuses on learning through experiences via realistic simulations, gamification and the use of new learning platforms and technologies to enable learners to apply their problem-solving skills more effectively, more quickly, and more confidently.

The virtual delivery capabilities now include the ability to have blended classes with audiences in the room, and additional teams being remote. This capability is particularly important when dealing with the current Covid-19 health virus and the restrictions many organizations have placed on travel, site access, and in-person group activities. Additional information on KTeX and the new virtual training programs that we are providing to clients in this challenging business environment is available on the KT website.

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The following organizations provide updated information on the status of the COVID-19 virus: European Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the World Health Organization.

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