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Risk Mitigation for Operations

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Risk mitigation is often considered only after a costly and time-consuming incident disrupts operations. Performing a risk assessment before problems occur proactively handles potential problems and makes sure precious resources stay focused on progress vs. remediation. This one-day hands-on workshop will provide you with real-world practice in our simulation-based scenarios that prepare you to manage risk. In the simulator, you will measure the quality of your risk-mitigation plan against various likely scenarios and learn how to effectively protect your plan. You will also practice your skills in a "risk challenge" that requires you to rapidly apply the concepts to your own real-life scenarios.

What You Get

  • 1 day led by an expert instructor
  • Digital job aid
  • Five-step process to reducing and mitigating everyday risk
  • Certificate of completion
  • Certification Credits : 0.7 CEUs
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  • Audience

    Personnel involved in shutdowns, turnarounds, and outages (STOs), changeovers, and roles such as Reliability and Maintenance Engineers and project team members.

  • Benefits

    • Stay productive: Keep your organization’s operations up and running during fixes, maintenance, and improvements by minimizing productivity loss or damage due to unexpected or unmitigated risks
    • Protect your assets and reputation: Minimize financial loss and reputational exposure to your business by identifying potential issues and creating an actionable plan to prevent them or respond with agility
    • Increase agility: Increase your organization’s ability to respond quickly and safely when things go wrong
    • Create a risk-conscious culture: Embed risk mitigation practices throughout the organization that make the identification and response to vulnerabilities part of the business culture. Mitigation of risks should be a priority for everybody—not just for specialists
  • Skills Developed

    • Improve your risk assessment and mitigation skills through Kepner-Tregoe’s practical methodology
    • Understand the key questions in evaluating the level of risk you are facing and its possible impact on the business
    • Learn and apply a practical approach to quickly identifying and mitigating risks then translating the insights into an actionable plan
    • Acquire hands-on skill through a simulation-based, experiential learning approach that minimizes theory and maximizes practice to build true skills
  • Workshop Details

    This workshop is part of an initiative for KT Experiential Learning. The KTeX program focuses on learning through experiences via realistic simulations, gamification and the use of new learning technologies to enable learners to apply their skills more effectively, more quickly and more confidently.

  • Quotes

    “By taking a few preventive actions, they manage  to eliminate new problems before they ever occur.”

    -Steve Davis, Consulting Engineer, Nine Mile Point Nuclear Plant

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