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Replacing heroics and sacrifice with good process

With no formal project management process in place, a large battery manufacturer had become dependent on the individual heroics of dedicated employees to get projects done. As more work became project based, senior management recognized the need for a better, more realistic approach. They chose systematic Kepner-Tregoe Project Management and strategically rolled out the process across the organization to lay a groundwork for success.

Kepner-Tregoe templates and techniques were integrated into the manufacturer’s processes, including a new R&D product development process. Select employees went through the KT Project Management workshop and then trained and certified as KT Program Leaders to teach the KT Project Management workshop and support colleagues project work at plants across North America. So that this would not be seen as a “one and done” approach of intensive training without follow-up, the CEO held town hall meetings with employees to reinforce and endorse the KT methodologies as the way the company would be managing projects going forward.

The value of their investment was quickly realized. One of the largest and most visible projects the company had ever undertaken exceeded expectations in every capacity including cost, schedule, and surpassing project goals. With KT’s support, the manufacturer created an informal Project Management Office for upcoming planned production line shutdowns to improve the shuts and quickly restart production at acceptable performance levels. With this significant success under their belt, planning began for a formal Project Management Office for North America.


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