How to make coffee with love:
the six sigma of coffee making


By Russell Whitehouse, Kepner-Tregoe

The Six Sigma of Coffee Making: a Recipe for Excellence

A while ago I was having a coffee at my local coffee shop and chatting with the owner, Rita, who is also a close friend. I idly asked the question, how do you make good coffee? Without thinking for a moment, she looked me straight in the eye and said, “Amore! You’ve got to make your coffee with love.” With that, she disappeared to serve the couple with a toddler who had just walked through the front door. At the time I thought, what a typically “Rita” thing to say.



Every time Sam crafted a coffee, he calibrated the process precisely, starting with grinding the beans directly into the portafilter – a tool designed to hold ground coffee. Placing the portafilter on a set of precision scales, he measured the exact weight of the coffee before expertly tamping it down with his custom tamper. This ensured optimal density for extraction.

Sam’s attention to detail extended to the machine’s settings, with the ground coffee particle size fine-tuned using a micrometer adjustment. He controlled the grind time, down to a fraction of a second, to achieve consistency. By monitoring the weight of dry beans for each shot, he ensured minimal waste and maximum flavor extraction.

During extraction, Sam managed variables such as draw time to regulate the crema’s thickness and espresso’s bitterness. With a comprehensive table of timings and weights for each blend, he aimed to extract coffee oils efficiently while minimizing bitterness. Constant monitoring allowed him to detect any machine irregularities promptly.

Intrigued by the complexity, I questioned Sam’s approach. His response was simple yet profound: “Because every detail matters.” This commitment to precision and consistency ensures each cup of coffee meets the highest standards – a testament to the artistry and science of coffee-making.

嗯,所以那是什么 爱上你的咖啡 意思是说!如果一个组织中的每个人都喜欢他们制造的产品,事情会有多好?爱到足以付出额外的关心和关注,以确保每一次对过程的投入都是正确的。爱到足以确保关键的过程变量设置得恰到好处。爱到足以确保过程以它应该的方式运行。


  • 了解客户真正想要什么
  • 了解你的过程如何能提供这些结果
  • 花费精力和心思去做
  • 最后,不断提高你的交付能力

A great product that nobody wants ..

我们在Kepner-Tregoe开展的项目是为了发现这些基本的事实。它总是从客户需要什么来完成他们的目标开始。一个我们称之为 客户的声音.忽视这一点将给你带来危险,因为世界上所有的爱都不会给你带来成功。


You see, Melbourne has a long history of devoted coffee drinkers. With a rich Euro-Italian history, Melbourne has a very strong café society, with thousands of baristas making arguably the best coffee outside Italy. Children in Melbourne grow up thinking the Italian word for coffee is latté. There’s even a strong coffee tribalism. Melbournians constantly make snide comments about the caffeinated dishwater that passes for coffee in other places. Predictably the coffee chain invasion faltered. They forgot that what coffee drinkers in Melbourne really value is the taste of coffee.