Why is/ Critical Thinking/ so Critical?

Critical thinking skills are more important than ever in today’s fast-paced business world. In an age where information is readily available and constantly changing, the ability to think critically and make informed decisions is essential for success.

Critical thinking allows individuals to analyze information objectively, weigh the pros and cons of different options, and make decisions based on evidence and logical reasoning. This skill is especially important for businesses, as it helps leaders and employees alike to make strategic decisions that are in the best interest of the company.

In today’s global market, businesses must be able to adapt to rapidly changing conditions and make quick, decisive decisions. Without the ability to think critically, businesses may miss out on opportunities or make costly mistakes.

Ultimately, critical thinking skills are vital for success in today’s modern business world. These skills enable individuals to make informed decisions, adapt to changing conditions, and avoid being swayed by bias or misinformation.

By fostering a culture of critical thinking, businesses can position themselves for success in today’s fast-paced global market.

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The future of work is a flexible, adaptable, and resilient workforce

By focusing on employee concerns, companies can take specific measures to help build resilience and value in today's new normal.

Agility in decision making protects your organization

We work within an environment of rapid change that requires an agile, flexible workforce. Within an organization, a shared process for decision making clarifies how a good decision is made and how to go about doing it. It can support simple, day-to-day decisions and can be scaled up to consider a wide array of objectives and involve input from many people.

Don't wait to plan your major incident response

In organizations that rely heavily on IT systems, major incidents don’t occur too often but when they do, a rapid, planned response is critical. For major incidents, the cost of the impact far exceeds the cost of resolution, and the key success factors are response time and the quality of the response to the issue.

Improve hiring success with Kepner-Tregoe Decision Making

A structured decision making process is a standard hiring procedure in many organizations. That’s not to minimize the value of an analytic approach to all kinds of decisions. But personnel decisions are a big commitment with their own set of challenges. Here’s how an analytic approach can be used to improve hiring.

Our Expertise


Consulting services from Kepner-Tregoe help improve efficiency, streamline operations, increase customer satisfaction and improve collaboration.

Capability Development

KT methodology empowers individuals to show unprecedented improvements in productivity, increased efficiency, and greater customer satisfaction.



Consulting services from Kepner-Tregoe help improve efficiency, streamline operations, increase customer satisfaction and improve collaboration.


Capability Development

KT methodology empowers individuals to show unprecedented improvements in productivity, increased efficiency, and greater customer satisfaction.

Our Consulting Tools

  • Identify areas for performance improvement
  • Define baseline metrics for improvement measurement
  • Focus limited resources on critical opportunities
  • Develop the implementation plan for maximum ROI
  • Team interviews for strategy review or creation
  • Review process needs and workflow structures
  • Integrate current practices with new frameworks
  • Understand and clarify issues to be addressed
  • Data gathering from the targeted sources identified
  • Test & verify possible causes, next steps

Our Best Capability Development Solutions


For Groups/Teams

Bring training directly to your team. Training can be delivered on site at your company at the time and location of your choice. Classes include realistic examples, extensive case studies, application on real issues, and one-on-one coaching led by a highly-trained KT facilitator. Learning can be tailored to address real issues and opportunities your company is facing right now. All classes come with the option of being delivered virtually.


For Individuals

Kepner-Tregoe workshops are held in most major cities throughout the world and are open for enrollment with the option to attend a public or a virtual class at a time that suits your schedule. You will learn KT concepts and practice realistic case studies with peers from many different industries. Also offered is self-paced eLearning for introduction courses or to reinforce past learning.



Learners study at their own pace and according to their personal schedules. This means more convenience and less disruption. Designed with a dynamic mix of media to maximize engagement and learning retention. Includes learning materials and a knowledge assessment at the end of each course.

Client Success Stories


Microsoft asked Kepner-Tregoe to help implement KT’s suite of rational processes to enable their engineers and advocates to successfully sort, clarify and prioritize issues, find the root cause of customer problems with accuracy and speed, make decisions on best next steps and minimize future customer concerns.


improvement in customer satisfaction


Minutes per case - average reduction of total time per incident


To measure the impact of the KT training and support project for CSS customers, key metrics were recorded 12 weeks before the workshops and 12 weeks after. Results of total improvements during the first year:

1 day

per case - average reduction of total Days-to-Solve


At Yanfeng Automotive Interiors, an intensely competitive business environment challenges employees every day to deliver superior products for the world’s leading automotive manufacturers. Automotive interiors, components and systems must be manufactured to exacting standards to ensure safety and durability. The quality of the manufacturing process is critical.


ROI generated


Generated per project


Yanfeng Automotive was referred to Kepner-Tregoe’s Problem Solving & Decision Making (PSDM) program. As of October 2017, 85 of the 130+ Yanfeng personnel who had completed the PSDM course during the year had submitted their projects and had been certified. Over 130 tracked-and-closed projects had generated a per-project average of $10,000.


Incidents were becoming more complex, increasing the probability and risk of major outages. The geographically disbursed team of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) required a high degree of coordination during the incident handling process.


Reduction in Mean-Time-to-Restore


Reduction in Variation


After four months, Mean-Time-to-Restore had been reduced dramatically (74%) while variance in the time it took to resolve an incident had also been reduced significantly (77%).

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