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Some project management training focuses on filling out templates and following checklists. The KT approach focuses on producing results. The Kepner-Tregoe Project Management workshop equips project leaders with a robust, proven project management methodology combined with the KT Clear Thinking skills needed to deliver real, measurable project results. This workshop prepares project managers to take on any size project and confidently see it through to success.

This course is delivered by our certified partner, Synthex Consulting.

What You Get

  • Led by an expert instructor
  • Access to digital tools and resources
  • Skills to carry out the essential elements of project management
  • Certificate of completion

Contact us to inquire for more details or have the workshop customized upon your corporate needs.

  • Introducing
    Synthex Consulting

    Kepner-Tregoe project management training is now delivered by our certified partner, Synthex Consulting. Please contact Synthex to enquire about training.

    Synthex provide project management training in English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish & Portuguese.

  • Audience

    Designed for project managers or anyone in a leadership role on a project team.

  • Benefits

    • Learn KT’s proven Project Management methodology for use on any type of project
    • Develop robust project management skills that are essential to achieve project goals on time and on budget
    • Go beyond basic theory and apply project management concepts and tools to actual, real-life projects for immediate results
  • Skills Developed

    • Carry out the essential elements of project management—defining, planning, implementing, and closing out a project—to achieve the desired project outcome
    • Lead and motivate a project team, and communicate effectively with all stakeholders
    • Identify and address issues quickly and confidently to keep projects on track
    • Anticipate and reduce project risk
    • Improve how future projects are delivered
  • Return on Investment

    • Lockheed Martin embedded KT Project Management into its services to NASA at the Johnson Space Center resulting in measurable improvements in cost savings, attrition and safety
    • When a pharmaceutical manufacturer turned to KT Project Management for product launches, the company went from not launching a new product for two years to launching five to ten products annually
    • “The most trouble-free merger of back office operations” was reported by the Wall Street Journal after KT Project Management was used to merge two large commercial banks
    • Event preparation at a luxury goods company was improved dramatically after the KT Project Management approach was used to plan and execute a centerpiece sales event yielding a 50% increase in sales
    • At Cement Australia, KT Project Management helped one plant shutdown come in $500K under budget and another end 33% earlier than planned
  • Quotes

    “If we hadn’t had the Kepner Tregoe Process, the project probably would have taken a couple years to get through.”

    — Melissa Lingo, Project Engineer, Colorado Springs Utilities

    “KT project management has provided us with a framework for achieving the successful delivery of project objectives, improving project management as a core competency in Ceva, and has enabled strong progress in achieving expected benefits from our Asia Pacific strategy.”

    — Walter Kuijpers, Director, PMO Asia Pacific Strategy, Ceva Asia Pacific Holdings Company

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