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When it comes to solving problems, and preventing reoccurrence, there’s little time for trial and error. With Kepner-Tregoe’s Analytic Troubleshooting workshop, you will consistently increase the operational efficiency of your production environment by getting to the root cause of your problems and fixing them for good. KT’s Analytic Troubleshooting workshop integrates quality and productivity efforts. And because our troubleshooting approach is agnostic to any specific technology, machine or process your organization can use it as a foundational skill for statistical process control, lean manufacturing, Six Sigma, total productive maintenance, self-managed work teams, and other programs.

What You Get

  • 3 days led by an expert instructor
  • Access to digital tools and resources
  • Skills needed to systematically troubleshoot in a manufacturing environment
  • Certificate of completion
  • Certification Credits : 2.1 CEUs
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  • Oct 26 2022 - Oct 28 2022
    2,000  SGD
  • Sep 27 2022 - Sep 29 2022
    1,845  EUR
  • Oct 3 2022 - Oct 31 2022
    Den Dolder

    Driedaagse workshop
    Deel 1: 3-4 October
    Deel 2: 31 October

    1,450  EUR
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  • Aug 3 2022 - Aug 5 2022
    2,600  CAD
  • Nov 1 2022 - Nov 4 2022
    2,600  CAD
  • Aug 3 2022 - Aug 5 2022
    1,995  USD
  • Nov 1 2022 - Nov 4 2022
    1,995  USD
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  • Audience

    Ideal for front line staff, including quality managers, analysts, technicians, problem and incident managers, service desk staff, auditors, and engineers, as well as first responders such as production operators, trades and maintenance individuals.

  • Benefits

    • Systematic troubleshooting approach that serves as a solid foundation for Six Sigma, Statistical Process Control, and Lean manufacturing
    • Find cause and prioritize problems, describing them in detail and identifying and testing possible causes—eliminating those that don’t make sense to reduce unnecessary spending
    • Differentiate between types of problems, and ask focused, probing questions to gather the right information
    • Learn to think beyond the fix to avoid future problems
  • Skills Developed

    • Identify different types of problems
    • Prioritize, describe, and document problems thoroughly
    • Identify and test possible causes to curtail trial-and-error and costly fixes
    • Select a fix and then evaluate to think beyond it to avoid future issues
    • Clarify goals, find smart alternatives, and balance risks
    • Explore other areas that could be similarly affected by a problem
    • Plan the implementation and evaluate
  • Return on Investment

    • Increased annual yields by 13%
    • Launched a new $15 million product line in nine days
    • Reduced losses for a critical defect by 50%
    • Realized a $5.5 million reduction in conversion costs over a two-year period
    • Resolved the costliest defect in the company, saving $1.3 million
  • Quotes

    “Kepner-Tregoe Analytic Trouble Shooting techniques are helping us to move away from a problem-solving approach based purely on experience, with no analysis and at best patchy ‘hard information’.  Our old approach often resulted in situations when either the problem remained or recurred later.”

    — Factory Manager, Consumer Products

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