Gaining real-time visibility of your projects

Portfolio Manager (powered by KT) is the next generation in online Project and Portfolio Management platforms that not only helps our clients embed the KT Project Management process into their organization, but also gives the leadership team the visibility they need over the performance of projects and programs to keep the whole strategic portfolio on track.

Results delivered 

  • Forbo Movement Systems: 40 on-time strategic projects delivered

Kepner-Tregoe Portfolio Manager

Taking project management to the cloud

This innovative, cloud-based software approach supports project managers who have been trained in adopting the Kepner-Tregoe methodology leading to better on-time, on-budget delivery of projects.

In addition to planning and monitoring their individual projects directly on the platform, it allows users to identify resource conflicts across multiple projects, predict project cash flows, and monitor project performance in real time.

Portfolio Manager closely follows the Kepner-Tregoe Project Management method, making it easy for Project Managers to quickly apply the learning from their training to the strategic projects.

As the Project Manager can define, plan and monitor the implementation of their projects directly on the platform, all progress reports coming from Portfolio Manager are based on real time data. This allows for swift and effective leadership decision making to keep the overall strategy implementation on track, as well as reducing the reporting effort for Project Managers. Finally as it is web-based, it allows for complete visibility over the performance of projects and programs, regardless of how geographically dispersed the Project Managers or Leadership Team are.

 KT’s clients are getting huge benefit from installing Portfolio Manager alongside a structured roll-out of the Kepner-Tregoe Project Management Method as part of building an effective Strategy Implementation “Machine”why not contact us to find out more.


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