People manage projects, not software

Managing People in Projects provides a focused, rational method for improving the performance of project managers and those working with and for them. You will learn who to involve in projectsand when and how to utilize them. You’ll also determine how to set expectations, track and analyze performance, and provide feedback.

Results delivered

  • Getting people to perform on your projects, even if they don't report to you
  • Analyzing why people aren't performing on your projects and revising your approach
  • Identifying factors that block the success of your projects
  • Improving project results
  • Having people want to work on your projects

Our Solution

In projects, “people” and “process” are the basis for success

We base our integrated approach on a behavior model that helps you understand and affect organizational behavior, while systematically improving the success of your projects.

Project Management

We will build your capability in the three fundamental elements of project management which are process definition, planning and implementation as well as the steps involved in each. You’ll also understand the importance of using project management discussions as a tool to gather and communicate information, gain understanding, and build commitment.

Project Performance System Model

Learn how to use a powerful performance system model; evaluating and creating supportive project performance environments. The model has five components:

  • Situation: The immediate project setting in which a project participant works.
  • Performer: The person or group expected to perform on a project.
  • Response: The specific, observable behavior or action of project participants.
  • Consequences: The events that follow behaviors and increase or decrease the probability that the behaviors will occur on the project again.
  • Feedback: The performance based information a project participant receives about progress toward project goals. It guides the person to maintain or modify behavior.
Managing Involvement®

A critical aspect of improving performance on projects is centered on involvement. You will learn the concepts of the Kepner-Tregoe Managing Involvement approach. It helps determine who needs to be involved, and how, in defining, planning, and implementing project work.

We build capability

Our goal is to build true capability within your people and organization. This is not achieved by skill development alone. Adoption is the driver of results. That’s why we work with you to maximize the ROI from your “people investment” by:

  • Clarifying your capability development objectives and how they tie to your business success
  • Identifying areas of emphasis for development and how the new skills will be applied inside your business
  • Helping you identify critical elements in your company’s performance environment that support or hinder the capability development process
  • Pre- and post-skill development support and coaching to ensure we maximize the skills transfer from the “workshop room” into the real world

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