Workshop Overview

Build your organization’s leadership skills with Kepner-Tregoe’s Strategic Thinking & Execution workshop. This dynamic workshop is designed for emerging and mid-level managers—those reporting directly to the Executive Suite. Given that these leaders have significant responsibility for implementing an organization’s strategy, this workshop prepares mid-level managers in building strategic understanding and commitment throughout the organization. By supporting your managers in deepening their clear thinking skills, your organization can begin developing a cadre of people with strategic decision making skills.

Audience: All professionals, managers and organization leaders who are responsible for making and recommending resource allocations, accomplishing growth and profit targets or for designing, marketing, producing or distributing the organization’s products or services. Also suitable for middle managers who report directly to the top team.


Key Benefits

Learn how to more effectively formulate, implement and plan organizational strategies.

Develop a better understanding of the organizational environment and how to align your strategy and its implementation with your organization’s goals.

Apply your on-the-job experience with practical case studies


Skills Developed

Through the Kepner-Tregoe Strategic Thinking & Execution for Leaders training, you will learn how to:

  • Cultivate strategic intelligence gathering and analysis skills, formulate strategy, and plan for strategy implementation.
  • Better identify the strategic role of the mid-level manager and how to ensure success at this level by achieving organizational goals.
  • Gain deeper knowledge into your organizational strategy and business unit strategy development.
  • Develop actionable plans tied to business goals and oversee the implementation and ongoing assessment.

Return on Investment

  • Helping a major life science company revise their country strategy. As a result, they were able to react to new forms of competition in generic pharmaceuticals and realign their operations accordingly.
  • An organization-wide strategy was developed for the Port of San Diego (a major logistics organization) to increase productivity, and make sound financial decisions, embedding strategic decision-making capability at the senior leadership level.

Workshop Details

Duration: 2 days

Learning Tools Included: All workshop attendees will receive access to online post-workshop learning support tools (coaching videos, tips, tricks and more) with a My KT membership.

Training Options: Explore the class schedule below to register for a Public Session workshop or contact us to bring this workshop on-site to your organization. 

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