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Simulation-based training solutions

Learning best-practice Problem Solving techniques using state-of-the-art simulation technology

Engineers have gaming systems at home – let´s give them one at work to make learning fun!

Our simulation-based programs that feature robots and gamification, bring the fun into learning with interactive and responsive troubleshooting exercises.

Learning through simulation helps individuals develop a deeper understanding of complex concepts and provides the opportunity to experience consequences of their actions in a safe to fail environment.

We know there is no substitute for hands-on experience with troubleshooting. That is why our simulation has realistic elements such as time pressure and “information overload” embedded into the experience, creating a sense of urgency and risk – just like problem solving in day-to-day work environments.

It also creates a highly engaging and collaborative team-building experience. Working through exercises together, celebrating successes, and overcoming setbacks, strengthens bonds and helps develop a team spirit between group members. Virtually all our participants state that their team-collaboration skills, and confidence in their peers, has been improved!

At KT, we are committed to continuously improving the learner experience and the return-on-investment for our clients. We have invested in innovative simulation learning experiences to help learners become active participants in the learning journey, leading to more immediate and deeper skill development, which leads to faster and more impactful business results.

Benefits of Simulation-based learning

Learning through reflection on doing increases retention rates of new concepts and builds confidence
Solving problems in a realistic environment bridges the gap between theory and practice, and shortens the time to results
Simulation-based scenarios create an engaging, dynamic and interactive experience that maximizes the motivation to learn
Practicing in a safe-to-fail learning environment allows people to learn from mistakes and more easily transfer the skills onto their jobs

Simulation Offerings