KT & Six Sigma/Lean: Bringing Speed to Continuous Improvement

KT Problem Solving & Decision Making skills integrate with Six Sigma/Lean to accelerate Continuous Improvement 

Increasingly organizations have found that improving critical thinking skills—for solving problems, making decisions and managing risk and opportunities—complement and improve Six Sigma/Lean initiatives. The significant investment made by companies in Six Sigma and Lean is optimized with a foundation of clear thinking.

Johnson Controls, a global OEM serving the auto industry, “triple certifies” its continuous improvement team, executives, and team leaders by supplementing Six Sigma and Lean with Kepner-Tregoe Problem Solving & Decision Making skills.  They acknowledge that data overload requires skills that help to “cut to the chase and get to the real issues.” Johnson Controls teams use KT tools to accelerate resolution of problems by focusing on relevant data. Joel Beezhold, Director of Continuous Improvement for Johnson Controls, credits KT processes for adding speed, “The most successful organizations can not only effectively solve problems, but solve them quickly. Speed for us is differentiation. It is a competitive advantage.”

A major utility company, complemented their Six Sigma training program with KT Project Management and Problem Solving & Decision Making tools. The Clear Thinking process enhanced the use of Six Sigma tools by enabling teams to quickly design and execute pilots while identifying and selecting solutions at a faster pace. Clear Thinking Project and People Management disciplines enabled Greenbelts to keep their projects on track, progressing through stage gates on time. While the program was a “Six Sigma branded program”, KT process and KT’s master facilitators (many of whom are also Six Sigma certified) provided the foundation for success.

All Six Sigma and Lean investments can benefit from targeted skill development and on the job coaching to accelerate and sustain continuous improvement. It need not change the nature or name of your program, instead the KT approach to Problem Solving & Decision Making cuts through data, identifying excellent projects for Six Sigma/Lean while protecting, accelerating and enhancing projects you’ve already got underway.

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