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Five Rules for Implementation Success: Rule 5

Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak. Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen

Winston Churchill

Never Rest – Coach for Exceptionally High Performance

The external environment is unforgiving. There are always new players entering the market, new regulations to comply with, and constant technological advances that exceed most people’s imaginations. The mantra of continuous improvement has been with us for years, however getting the final ounces of improvement requires dedication and focus. Ensuring that there is an independent eye; a critical challenging observer is essential to ongoing development.

Ask these questions

Self-Assessment Qualifying Answers
17. Are the mechanisms in place to observe the key behaviors that underpin the successes required? If yes, what mechanisms are there, and how do you know that they are there?
18. Do people have the opportunity to reflect on what has been observed before going into action? If yes, how does this opportunity to reflect manifest itself?
19. Are people given appropriate coaching—internally and externally? Is it timely, pinpointed, and relevant? If yes, how timely, pinpointed, and relevant are the coaching opportunities?
20. Are action plans established to act on coaching advice? If yes, how well are these followed through? What evidence of ongoing improvement is sought?


See Rule # 4: Align the Expectations and Lead by Example

Conclusion: Five Rules for Implementation Success – Conclusion

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