Kepner-Tregoe (KT), a premier management consulting firm based in the US, works with a network of business partners and affiliated organizations that provide products or services that complement or enhance KT services or solutions. Kepner-Tregoe affiliates are located in countries and on continents all over the world, including Europe, Asia and South America.

Kepner-Tregoe partners with businesses and organizations in fields such as education strategies, competence development programs, productivity enhancement, workforce development programs,  and continuing professional education initiatives. Moreover, KT has been recognized by the Project Management Institute as a Global Registered Education Provider.

Kepner-Tregoe affiliates are located in countries and on continents all over the world, including Europe, Asia and South America.

For more information about our business partners and affiliate organizations, see the links below.


ServiceNow customers who use KT's troubleshooting processes as part of their IT Service Management approach can now integrate this activity with other workflows housed within the ServiceNow environment. 

Kepner Tregoe has formed a partnership with Softools LTD, a UK based IT firm that delivers an advanced “business process” web-application platform. The combined power of Kepner-Tregoe’s problem solving and operational consulting solutions and Softools’ business process applications enables clients to create a culture of continuous, sustainable performance improvement. This platform is compliant with a broad array of industries offering a progressive environment for the measurement and reporting on the vast amount of data KT clients need to positively impact operational effectiveness. Their web application platform can be configured without the need for coding and runs in both mobile and offline modes.

Sim4People are passionate experts in developing people skills and organizational capabilities. They provide simulator solutions and consulting services in a “to the point” style – avoiding information overload by focusing on the essential information and repetitive reinforcement of concepts in service management environments. Sim4People is a Danish company founded in 2014 by Thomas Fejfer and Stefan Brahmer.

Kepner-Tregoe (KT) and Sologic have collaborated to provide a sophisticated Cause & Effect Charting solution which enables KT clients to utilize Sologic’s Causelink® software. KT has always been effective at empowering clients to solve tough problems, and the addition of Causelink® provides organizations with a toolset to proactively manage critical investigations and leverage the lessons learned more effectively. The partnership brings together complementary root-cause-analysis capabilities, addressing clients’ increasing needs for flexible solutions and software support.

View Causelink® Cause & Effect Charting Software

Bluefield Asset Management Specialists; experienced professionals in providing asset management services to the global mining industry have created a partnership with Kepner-Tregoe (KT) to deliver KT’s Project Management training suite.

Bluefield act as project managers and owners’ representatives to deliver capital projects, fixed plant or mobile asset shutdowns, PCR programs and major overhauls, debottlenecking projects and fleet relocations. Bluefield’s approach to managing critical asset projects and shutdowns is framed by a deep understanding of the operational constraints of mines and the criticality of delivering a reliable asset back to operations as budgeted and planned.

Bluefield is committed to further developing its own team’s project management capabilities as well as nurturing the skills and competencies of their clients. This passion and depth of practical project planning and implementation experience led to Bluefield becoming accredited to deliver the Kepner-Tregoe signature Project Management Training Suite.

For more information visit Bluefield's website

We are excited to announce our partnership with Quartile One, one of the largest global Physical Asset Management businesses based in Brisbane, Australia. Guided by data, Quartile One provides an insightful perspective to asset-intensive industries to achieve and sustain top quartile performance.

This partnership will strengthen our ties with asset-intensive sectors, especially mining, rail, port operations, energy, manufacturing, and logistics, providing Asset LifeCycle, Asset Technology and Asset Performance services for Kepner-Tregoe’s clients. In addition to this, Kepner-Tregoe will integrate Problem Solving & Decision Making and Project Management frameworks into Quartile One’s digital enterprise solutions and provide training to support Quartile One’s clients in their efforts to improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness and Workforce Enablement.

Check out Quartile One’s website here


Our partnership with Hargraves Institute, Australia’s leading community of practice for collaboration and innovation, allows Kepner-Tregoe to inspire innovation and foster collaboration between KT’s clients and Hargraves’ members. The partnership creates opportunities for idea sharing and innovation experiences, as well as providing programs, tools and training designed to address genuine needs.

As part of our partnership program, we will be running ongoing events. Please join us!

About Hargraves Institute:

Founded in 2006 by leading organizations, we're an open, collaborative community sharing insights and experience. Our difference is 'community'. We’re an established, diverse community built from the ground up to share insights and experience in innovation. People and organizations sharing both a common interest (in innovation), and a willingness to collaborate. Every member is different, different sectors and industries – private and public; different seniority, responsibilities, location. Vastly different levels of innovation experience, all sharing insights and experience for mutual success.

For more information visit Hargraves Institute


Education Services Partner/Community Colleges

Kepner-Tregoe partners with corporations and community colleges to provide workforce development programs in the United States. Program descriptions.


Effective December 31, 2020, KT will no longer offer PDUs. If you wish to receive PDUs for attending an eligible KT course prior to that date, you must make that request prior to December 31, 2020

Kepner-Tregoe has been recognized by PMI®, the Project Management Institute, as a Global Registered Education Provider (provider #1163). Many Kepner-Tregoe workshops offer Professional Development Units (PDUs). One PDU is equivalent to one contact hour.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are available for all Kepner-Tregoe workshops. CEUs are used to meet professional licensing requirements or state certification standards. One CEU is granted for every 10 hours of class participation.

Kepner-Tregoe Affiliate Organizations

(Served by Chile)

(Serving Argentina)
Fernando Gaete Durán
G & A Consultores Ltda.
Napoleón 3565 - Oficina 303
Las Condes
Santiago, Chile
Tel: +562 2234-1705 // +562 2203-7235

(Served by Peru)

(Served by Peru)

(Serving Columbia & Mexico)
KT Andina S.A.C.
Manuel Olguin 1060-14, Surco
Lima Perú
Tel./Fax 511/222-5104

Manila Execon Group, Inc.
Unit 714, 7th floor
Globe Telecom Plaza
Madison corner Pioneer Street
1550 Mandaluyong City
Tel:  63/2/636-5740
Fax: 63/2/638-6990