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Planned shutdown shaves seven days from schedule



A premier steel long products manufacturer and metals distributor actively seeks ways to maintain its strong market position and fulfill demand for product. While planned shutdowns produced satisfactory results at its steel mills, the company was determined to do better. By reducing the length of time of an upcoming shut, a key steel mill could meet urgent demand for product. However this challenge would be complicated by changes in personnel—a new planning team under the leadership of a new shutdown coordinator.


The Steel company engaged KT to help the mill meet these shutdown challenges with better planning and management. The first step was to review and revise the shutdown plans. Based on this review, KT worked with planners to add significant detail to enhance the ability to monitor the shutdown. Coaching and mentoring were provided to help the shutdown coordinator shift focus from detailed planning to issue resolution and other leadership responsibilities. Visual tools were introduced and explained to shutdown stakeholders to give them the ability to monitor project progress. Following the completion of the shutdown, close-out and evaluation activates captured lessons learned during the shutdown and were developed into improvement plans for future shutdowns.


The shutdown was completed safely, on budget, and within the allocated 12 days, which was seven days faster than earlier shutdowns. The accelerated schedule was met with no lost time or medical treatment injuries. Opportunities for improvements are in place to further improve future shutdowns. The experience set new standards for the shutdown team and shutdown management. Feedback from the regional management teams was that this was the best shutdown execution they had observed across the business.

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