KT Books FAQs

When I first create my account do I need to enter an Activation Code on my shelf?

No, the materials you need for the workshop are already on your e-bookshelf! The only time you will add an activation code to your account is if your instructor provides you with a code to ADD to your account which unlocks additional materials.


Can I print the materials from KT Books?

No, there is not the ability to print from KT Books. This solution is fully digital and environmentally friendly!


Can I download the materials locally on my computer (example – download as a PDF)?

While you can’t download the materials to your hard drive, you can download them to your browser cache and to your Apple or Android device to view offline.


If I make notes in my KT Books app, will I see those changes in my web viewer via my computer?

Yes, notes made in the app and web viewer sync with one another.


Can I use the KT Books app to view materials during the workshop?

We do not recommend using the KT Books app on a smartphone during your workshop due to the limited screen size.  For the best experience, use the webviewer on your computer browser or the KT Books app on your Apple or Android TABLET.