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Jul 13, 2015
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Workshops for Every Project Role, Solutions Scalable to Meet All Your Project Needs.

Kepner-Tregoe has been helping organizations with their project management needs for over 30 years. Now with the KT Project Management Workshop Suite, there’s a training solution for every member of a project team to help them contribute to the success of projects.

Based on KT Clear Thinking skills, and far more powerful than checklists or standalone software, the KT approach can be applied to any type of project, regardless of size and scope.

Find the right workshop based on your role

Why KT Project Management?

> We focus on producing project results.

> Our workshops incorporate practical application so you can put your skills to use on the job

> Our PM approach is designed to scale across project roles and complexities

A sample of the KT PM Suite

> KT Project Management: Our signature PM course

> PM for Non-Project Managers: Ensure every project contributor has fundamental project management skills.

> Project Sponsor Workshop: A deep dirve into the sponsor role

> Advanced Problem Solving in PM: Skills to keep projects on track, deal with complexity and manage risk.

> “Learn and Do” for Project Teams: Train your whole team while working on an actual project

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