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Kepner-Tregoe Launches New Troubleshooting Simulation Product

Jan 25, 2017
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Transforming problem-solving concepts into habits is difficult, and learners often return to old behaviors because of the rush of competing priorities. One of the biggest challenges learners confront when they return from training is using their new skills on the job. This is even more challenging in a complex, high-pressure environment.

To address the need for faster skill adoption and to reinforce learning, Kepner-Tregoe partnered with Sim4People, a Scenario-Based-Training development company, to create a simulation experience that is built according to KT’s Root-Cause-Analysis and Situation Appraisal processes.

The KT Troubleshooting Simulation is a Web-based learning solution that confronts learners with more than 15 digital, robotic scenarios that require rapid use of KT’s problem-solving processes, each varying in the level of difficulty. Running on either laptops or tablets, the Troubleshooting Simulation represents the newest generation of agile problem-solving practice in what KT calls a “safe-to-fail” and controlled-application environment. Simultaneously, organizations are able to address the needs of the current generation of troubleshooters as well as building effective collaboration in groups. For those customers who like to see “live action,” KT can even include the physical robots in the delivery.

“We believe that the KT Troubleshooting Simulation adds a new element of ‘agile application’ to our portfolio of problem-solving solutions that simulate the pressure and challenges of real-life problem solving in fast-paced learning environments,” stated Christoph Goldenstern, Vice President of Strategy & Service Excellence.

The KT Troubleshooting Simulation is available now. More information on the KT Troubleshooting Simulation can be found at the KT Troubleshooting Simulation page.

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