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The Construction Industry is uniquely complex and dynamic—constantly addressing disruptions from a myriad of sources including labor, supply chain, resource scarcity, climate and weather issues, ongoing digitization and many more complex challenges. Despite low financial interest rates and mounting economic recovery, change and disruption are constant obstacles to industry growth and development.

In all critical areas of activities ranging from building sites to planning meetings to production lines, Kepner-Tregoe serves construction and engineering companies with consulting and capability development services that help organizations achieve benchmark performance and build resilience in the face of change.

Our structured methodologies are utilized in solving problems, making decisions, reducing risk, and managing projects. These help individuals and teams bring order and efficiency to planning and operations. Industry-leading construction and engineering companies engage KT to optimize scarce project resources, improve project management skills and advance the way work is done with data-driven, analytic problem solving and decision making.

When a global engineering company for a European automobile manufacturer was tasked with site selection for an assembly plant in the US, they used KT Decision Analysis to assess hundreds of factors and make the best choice for its location.

When a construction materials company engaged KT to lower manufacturing costs, our rapid, targeted performance improvement project lowered costs and increased throughput quickly and sustainably. To improve safety on a huge construction site with a diverse and frequently changing workforce, KT helped integrate risk management into the way work was done, helping to surpass safety goals.

To support Lean and Six Sigma projects with rapid problem solving, our structured approaches are used in manufacturing to quickly eliminate complex quality issues, supply chain bottlenecks and other hidden causes of chronic waste.

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