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The Power and Utilities Industry faces a politicized and rapidly changing regulatory landscape as it evolves with decarbonization, new digital technologies, alternative energy opportunities and many more evolving challenges. The road to a cleaner future is underway but risks are high and continuously accelerating change is assured.

Kepner-Tregoe has been working with clients in this highly regulated industry for over 50 years. Our consulting and training programs help increase focus on reliability, cost savings, process improvements, and better problem-solving, decision-making, and planning skills to industry managers.

Since the turn of the 21st century, our capability development programs have helped powerplants smoothly transition a new generation of workers into high-qualification jobs. On the executive level, our consultants work with decision makers to successfully master a changing landscape and determine the best way forward.

As the frequency of extreme weather incidents continues to rise, utilities increasingly rely on Kepner-Tregoe processes for analyzing and avoiding risks as well as working proactively to protect their customers and increase their levels of service.

KT clients are drawn from across the industry including electrical power plants, government and private utilities, water companies, gas companies, as well as a comprehensive portfolio of industry suppliers. Our structured processes are embedded into operations and maintenance processes at utilities to control quality and increase safety as well as to address costs for the utility and consumers.

Kepner-Tregoe provides consulting and training for mission-critical events such as shut-downs, turnarounds, and outages, improved project planning, problem solving, risk management and other processes. KT methodologies are used globally within the industry to find root cause quickly in emergency, time-sensitive, and other high-stress situations. The key objective and result is to bring plants back online quickly and safely while completing all necessary projects at minimal cost.

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At many nuclear plants, lead engineers spend two-thirds of their time in service to their corrective action programs. Top managers also spend significant hours in the same domain. The high costs of so much time spent on issue resolution is compounded by the opportunity cost of diverting highly skilled engineering resources away from valuable work such as creating process improvements or other value-added tasks.

New to the KT problem solving approach, an engineer at a nuclear power plant describes how quick resolution of an emergency shut down, convinced his team to embrace the new systematic approach.


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