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Our innovative learning and credentialing programs provide recognition of skills and achievements through secure and verifiable digital credentials. Kepner-Tregoe badges and certifications are awarded to professionals who have successfully completed a learning path, passed a certification exam, or achieved a Kepner-Tregoe qualification.

Explore Our Badges

Badge 0
Earners of this badge have attended our KT Leadership Development Institute and have successfully taught at least one KT workshop that was observed by a KT checkout coach.
Program Leader
Badge 1
Earners of this badge have completed a KT Process Facilitator workshop and have successfully facilitated at least one complex use of a KT process that was observed by a KT facilitation coach.
Coming Soon!
Badge 2
Earners of this badge have completed a KT Process Coach Workshop and have successfully coached at least one complex use of a KT process that was observed by a KT consultant.
Coming Soon!
Badge 3
Earners of this badge have already obtained a Foundation badge, PLUS had a complex application including documented organizational results evaluated by a KT consultant.
Coming Soon!
Badge 4
Earners of this badge have already obtained a Foundation badge, PLUS have successfully passed a related exam OR have had a robust use of KT process evaluated by a KT consultant.
Coming Soon!
Badge 5
Foundation badges are currently only available to learners that have completed our self-paced Learning Path courses and associated coaching. Soon, learners who have attended other KT learning events will be able to earn a Foundations badge once they have completed all required activities.

Frequently asked questions

What is a badge?

A badge is a digital representation of a learning outcome, experience or competency. Kepner-Tregoe badges can be verified and shared online in a way that is easy and secure, across multiple platforms for maximum visibility and recognition of your skills

How do I earn a badge?

You can earn a badge for completing a Kepner-Tregoe learning journey, program, or certification

Can I share my badges online?

You can share your badges for recognition on popular web platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or embedded in your email signature or personal website

How can someone verify my badge?

Your badge can be instantly verified using the Kepner-Tregoe certification portal below

What if my badge or name does not display?

It can take a few days for your badge or certification to appear in the registry. If your name does not appear within 14 days of completing a Kepner-Tregoe program, please contact

Coming Soon! Have you attended a program taught by a certified KT Program Leader at your organization? Have them reach out to KT to get your name added to the registry.

The badge registry applies to individuals who obtain and maintain their KT badges and certifications. Inclusion in the registry is voluntary, so not all certification holders may be listed.

Verify A Badge

Kepner-Tregoe maintains an up-to-date registry of individuals who have earned one of our badges and certifications.

To verify a person's badge, simply enter the individual’s last name/surname and the country in the search fields and a list of matches will be displayed. Make sure you have the correct spelling and full last name for the badge holder you wish to find and the country where they are employed.

Share Your Badge

We encourage you to share your achievement! KT Badges can be shared on social media, your email signature, a personal webpage and even on your resume.

Sharing to your social media feeds

Sharing your achievements allows others to recognize the effort and hard work you put into earning a badge. To share on popular social media feeds, simply navigate to the badge’s detailed information page, and click on one of the social media sharing links. You will be given an option to describe your journey or post additional comments. Congratulations!

Adding a badge to your personal website

Showcasing your achievements on your online resume or personal website is a wonderful way to get others to see your achievements.

You may embed the Kepner-Tregoe badge on your personal website or online portfolio by simply linking to the badge’s URL on the Kepner-Tregoe website. We ask if you would like to use an image of the badge, that you please save it from the website by right-clicking the image, and then uploading it to your host.

Adding a badge to your email signature

Adding a badge image to your email signature is a great way to make sure others can see your badge-worthy credentials.

Download the badge image from the badge details page by right-clicking on the image and selecting “Save” in your browser.


Using Outlook:

  • Start an email and click the signature
  • You may edit your existing signature or click “New ” to add a new one
  • Select the image icon, an explorer window should appear, navigate to your downloads folder and select the badge image
  • Resize as necessary
  • Select the badge image on your signature, then click the hyperlink icon. A window appears to hyperlink the image. Copy-paste the URL of the badge from the Kepner-Tregoe Website into the URL field in Outlook.
  • Click Save


Using Gmail:

  • Navigate to Settings, and scroll to the signature block
  • Click on the picture icon. Navigate to your downloads folder and select the badge image you downloaded.
  • Resize the image as necessary
  • Highlight the image. Click the URL link icon. A field should appear. If it does not, click the image again
  • Copy-paste the URL of the badge from the Kepner-Tregoe website into the URL field presented by Gmail. You may need to use another tab to accomplish this.
  • Click Save

Adding a badge to your LinkedIn profile

  • Login to LinkedIn
  • Click on the “Add license or certification” ( + ) button on your profile
  • Enter the Name of your badge, “Kepner-Tregoe” as the issuing organization, the issue and expiration dates that match your information from our Verification Portal
  • Leave credential ID blank
  • For Credential URL – set it to the badge details page for your badge
  • Click Save


Your badge will then appear under the Licenses and certifications section of your LinkedIn profile. Only the Kepner-Tregoe logo will appear next to your badge information. Clicking See Credential will take visitors from your LinkedIn profile to the badge details page on the Kepner-Tregoe website.

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