Shut down with a system

The traditional view of operational shutdowns, turnarounds, and outages (STOs) holds that they are maintenance and engineering events. However, a  more realistic and holistic perspective recognizes that the impact and scope of STOs extend far beyond the maintenance and engineering functions. STOs can command significant capital and operating budgets. They impact inventory supply chains and customer relationships. They are therefore, “whole business events," not simple function-specific ones.

Are you experiencing this?
  • Planned outages overrun and underperform
  • High numbers of unforeseen jobs emerge
  • Equipment does not meet performance criteria in a timely manner after shutdown is “completed”
  • Contractors costs increasing
  • Contractors safety rated worse than employees
How are you doing against these measures?
  • Safety performance
  • Efficiency of contract resources
  • On time start-ups
  • Work package/activity completion rates


Our Solution

Shutdown Excellence

KT provides frameworks for optimizing the STO process, definition, planning, and execution, paying particular attention to STO process needs, contractor management, and re-commissioning to performance requirement standards.