Are you making safety your top priority?

Organizations must anticipate and rapidly respond to legislation, industry regulations and public interest groups on issues of health, safety, security, and the environment. In many organizations, demographics compound the potential for error as an aging work force retires with vital information and experience. Instead of isolated improvement initiatives or responsive reactions to specific events, organizations need an enduring safety culture.

Are you experiencing this?
  • High variability in safety performance metrics
  • Safety protocols are mostly reactive programs that have a high focus on short term activities
  • Supervisors lack confidence to hold staff accountable for unsafe actions and behaviors
  • Safety is an add-on to operational discussions and not part of innate operational behaviors
How are you doing against these measures?
  • Accident frequency
  • Incident frequency
  • MAMedical Aids
  • LTFR—Lost Time Frequency
  • Audit compliance
  • PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) compliance


Our Solution

Safety Process Improvement

KT helps organizations work through barriers that exist in day to day operations in creating a positive and supportive safety culture. Working with you we identify factors in the work environment that need to be improved, installed, or removed. We provide managers and supervisors with a tool kit that will help them better understand why unsafe acts and behaviors occur and how to create positive change.