Are you taking quality improvement to the next level?

Driven by globalization, customer demands and rapid advances in technology, today’s ‘quality environment’ is increasingly competitive. While main stream programs of recent years such as Six Sigma and Lean have provided tools for improvement, manufacturers must carefully monitor the ongoing improvement of the quality systems to improve “right-first-time” and service performance. These solutions must include tools for issue identification, problem management, and resolution which meet the needs of customers and regulatory bodies.

How are you doing against these measures?

  • Yield
  • Reject rate 
  • Right-first-time
  • Waste
  • Customer satisfaction

Our Solutions

Corrective Action Programs for Regulatory Environments

Helping organizations stay in compliance with FDA/cGMP by getting to the root cause of reportable deviations, quickly and efficiently.

CAPA Investigations

Used in organizations worldwide, Kepner-Tregoe processes enable you to improve the quality and speed of completing investigations and satisfying FDA requirements for documentation.

Analytic Troubleshooting

Increase the speed of identifying root cause, reduce repeat failures while improving system problem communications. Create a culture of problem prevention.