Do you know the levers for improving your asset performance?

To harvest maximum value from operations, the challenge for most organizations is to “sweat the assets” in an efficient fashion. The need to ‘do more with less’ requires constant improvements in productivity. The ability to rapidly identify key factors that limit performance, then use this data as part of a well integrated program to improve your Return on Assets, is the name of the game. This is about determining the optimal set of actions to increase equipment performance and drive down costs in order to build a competitive advantage for your operations.

Are you experiencing this?

  • Equipment does not meet performance criteria
  • Inconsistent quality and excessive process variation
  • Projects run late
  • Continuously solving the same problems
  • Inability to control conversion costs
  • High variability in performance

How are you doing against these measures?

Efficiency Quality Cost

Equipment up time


Conversion cost

Overall equipment effectiveness

Reject rate

Unit cost



Maintenance cost


Customer claims

Inventory levels



Our Solutions

Manufacturing Targeted Performance Improvement

KT Targeted Performance Improvement guides your organization through a process of accurately assessing the potential for improvement. Once the optimal project cascade is identified, we support this implementation across your organization to deliver a step change that demonstrates measurable performance improvements. This gives your company a scalable, repeatable process, that can be applied throughout the organization.