Shutting down with a system

Kepner-Tregoe’s shutdown approach focuses on delivering shutdown results on time and on budget while reducing possible risks associated with shutdown activities for employees and contractors. We have experience in the successful execution of multi-million dollar shutdowns as well as shorter, routine, operations events. Our time-tested solution ensures that you have a sound risk management system in place for your business shutdown.

Results delivered

  • Reduced annual shutdown by 33%
  • Improved contractor productivity by 25%
  • Ramped to full production faster, saving the equivalent of two weeks of production


Our Solution

Executing with discipline, managing risks proactively

Shutdown-Turnaround-Outage (STO) optimization requires a holistic approach to managing the entire set of complex activities and relationships which exist in the STO process. Our services are tailored to meet the individual needs of your business and range from full-service support in pre-planning through closeout to capability development of the STO team. Several elements should be considered in the STO process. First, a clear and common process framework must exist for the STO activity. Secondly, the processes that drive the flow of information and activities which exist within the STO framework must be aligned and efficient.

There are three primary phases that exist within a typical STO model:


The Definition Phase leads the team through the detailed processes of defining work activities, determining work packages and the resource requirements needed to carry out the work, and performing primary risk assessment activities.


The Planning Phase is primarily concerned with the organization of the STO activity. Key activities will take place to ensure resources are available to execute the work packages that make up the STO activities. Responsibility assignment should consider adequate levels of knowledge, skills and experience are assigned to avoid resource bottlenecks where people, but not required skills, are available.


The Implementation Phase provides a process to ensure that the work gets done. It is specifically concerned with the mobilization and management of resources and the monitoring of activities to ensure that they accomplish STO results to the standards required in a safe and proper manner. The Implementation Phase establishes the standards of behavior required to deliver the STO objectives.

KT support for shutdowns includes:

  • Shutdown definition facilitation
  • Project management skill development
  • Shutdown management skill development
  • Lean shutdown implementation
  • On-the-job coaching
  • Project planning support
  • Project software training and support
  • Full-time, on-site support to shutdown or maintenance managers
  • Teams and leader development
  • Risk assessment
  • Audits and recommendations

Offered as a workshop. Go to our workshop section to see scheduled dates and locations.