Creating a zero harm environment

The Kepner-Tregoe approach focuses on building a safety strategy that supports behaviors that reinforce a high performance safety culture. This safety strategy is set by working with executive leadership. Then we help implement the strategy by working with first-line managers to proactively manage and improve safety performance on a daily basis. You build a zero harm environment through a well-defined and executed safety strategy driven at every level of the organization.

Results delivered

  • Reduced numbers of incidents
  • Reduced numbers of accidents
  • More open safety culture
  • Improved safety systems


Our Solution

Safety is not a coincidence

Achieving world class safety performance begins by identifying risks to people, assets, processes, and facilities and making informed decisions on the methods to alleviate risks using the five factors in the Safety Performance model:

Performance Management

By taking a systematic approach to managing performance, leaders can foster the behaviors and actions required for world-class safety performance.

System alignment

In addition to aligning the human performance system, the organization’s operating systems—the routines and practices for getting work
donemust be aligned with the key processes.

Technical excellence

One of the greatest barriers to achieving safety performance is the absence of shared technical and operational understanding of how a process, system, or asset should technically perform. This lack of technical understanding is the primary cause of human error. It results in ongoing or repeat problems and injuries, unreliable processes or assets, and reportable incidents.


Standardization supports safety performance with a balanced combination of good manufacturing practices. These practices include variation reduction and process control techniques interfaced with routines and review systems.

Issue resolution skills

In addition to the systemic and behavioral changes that have been discussed, high-level safety performance needs people who have effective statistical diagnostic and issue resolution skills to address operational process challenges.

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