KT EMEA Gold Client Event 2018 – 60th Birthday edition

10月 8, 2018

“Big birthday, big party!”

KT EMEA Gold Client Event 2018 – 60th Birthday Edition

The KT offices in EMEA this year took the opportunity to celebrate KT’s 60th birthday at our yearly Gold Client Event. KT clients from all over Europe were inspired to get together at the gorgeous venue that is the Atomium in Brussels for a day full of fun, networking, information exchange and even a chocolate experience!

The event featured real life case studies of successful problem solving from KT clients such as 钛白粉Vodafone (among others) as well as a premier introduction of NEW KT products KTSolveKT前线.

We closed off the day by having a delicious dinner and Belgian beer at one of the local restaurants.

We’d like to thank everyone that came along and made this day special. We hope to see you again next year! Happy problem solving!