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KT Clear Thinking Pt 1: Treat Thinking Like a Process to Beat the Competition

Companies face difficult choices and issues every day.

Sometimes they are easy and routine, other times they are much more complex with high risks and rewards attached.

Did you know that your organization’s and employees’ problem solving and decision making processes can be a competitive advantage?

It’s true. Organizations with well-understood, well-documented processes often beat their competition on many levels. When your organization treats thinking as a process, you have reduced dependence on luck, guesswork or decisions based solely on the past experience of the individual.

In the first of a series of video blogs from Kepner-Tregoe, learn more about how KT Clear Thinking processes can help you and your company learn how to address—and solve—your biggest issues and drive bottom line results by making thinking a core competency of your organization.


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KT Clear Thinking Pt III: What is Rational Thinking?

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