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Automotive Manufacturers and Suppliers

Case Studies In Creating Value

Client: ADAC Plastics, Inc. $15 Million Product Line Launches in Nine Days

ADAC Plastics, Inc. is a supplier of engineered products to the automotive industry. When another supplier failed to provide mirror assemblies to a major automotive manufacturer, ADAC was asked to fill the order. ADAC had just two weeks to launch a new assembly line and produce the product.

To meet this grueling schedule, the ADAC project team turned to Kepner-Tregoe processes. Using the Analytic Trouble Shooting® approach to appraise the situation, the team listed and prioritized concerns, assigned resources, and set deadlines for resolution. Everyone involved in the launch, including operators, engineers, and customers collaborated on this proactive approach. Over 50 major concerns were raised and addressed during the launch.

Assembly by-hand began on day one and parts began shipping on day four as the equipment needed to sustain long-term operations arrived and was put into operation. The line reached full production in just nine days, well ahead of schedule.

ADAC credits the systematic KT approach for helping them establish an impressive presence in a new commodity market and launch a thriving, $15 million business in record time.


  • Launched a new, $15 million product line in nine days
  • Proactively identified and managed critical issues
  • Maximized resources with a collaborative approach
  • Reinforced strong relationships with amajor customer

Client: Corning Environmental. Critical Thinking is the Key to a New Plant’s Success

The Corning Environmental Technologies plant in Shanghai builds substrates for catalytic converters for auto manufacturers throughout Asia, and is a critical part of Corning’s goal to build and sustain market share in this rapidly growing part of the world economy. Shortly after opening, the plant manager turned to Kepner-Tregoe to develop critical thinking skills and integrate structured processes for human performance at the plant.

The organization-wide use of Kepner-Tregoe systematic processes has created a culture that encourages a collaborative and proactive approach to issue resolution. The plant has quickly achieved dramatic improvements in results against key metrics. It is one of the highest-yield, highest-quality plants in the Corning network.


  • Increased market share and set new records for customer satisfaction and safety
  • Increased annual yields by 13%
  • Reduced losses for a critical defect by 50%
  • Integrated process thinking into the organization’s “life blood”

Client: Honda Motor Company. Nearly 30 Years of KT Rational Processes

In 1977, a Honda Motor Company planning office in Japan surveyed about 7,000 people working in administrative or other staff departments and found that 54 percent of work time was spent on thinking processes and 46 percent on routine work. Improving the thinking processes that managers and supervisors use to solve problems and make decisions was identified as an urgent matter. To address critical thinking skills, Honda added Kepner-Tregoe programs to its companywide training programs.

Decades later, Kepner-Tregoe processes have been integrated throughout Honda business units worldwide. Kepner-Tregoe processes continue to help Honda meet program goals first set in 1977: (1) raise efficiency in achieving objectives, (2) strengthen management capability of all Honda group companies and (3) speed the problem-solving process for all projects within the company. The success of KT process in helping Honda meet critical business objectives has driven its use throughout the global Honda organization.


  • Decades of success with KT processes at Honda
  • KT continues to strengthen management capability, speed problem solving, and improve efficiency in achieving objectives
  • At one plant, introduction of KT processes to achieve and sustain quality standards for “fit and finish” issues improved manufacturing efficiency and reduced defects

Example: Bringing Process to Honda Motorcycles

The passion for quality achieved at the auto plant in Marysville, Ohio, prompted the leap to KT processes at the Marysville Motorcycle Plant. Minor “fit and finish” problems were not being addressed rapidly enough, so Honda relied on KT processes to appraise the situation, set improvement goals, and implement a program of process improvements and training. The program reduced frustration and improved work flow by providing easier access to data and improving problem-solving skills. Defects were reduced, bringing an even higher level of quality to Honda Motorcycles.

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