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Kepner-Tregoe Announces Partnership with Appian

Jul 8, 2022
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We are delighted to announce this partnership – Christoph Goldenstern

Kepner-Tregoe’s clients benefit from this new partnership through an enhanced end-to-end approach toward process analysis via process mining, workflow improvement, and automation.  KT’s digital practice will be responsible for integrating and launching the new services. These capabilities will further enhance and reinforce existing KT services in business diagnostics and process improvement solutions. Process mining is a revolutionary technology, applying data science and machine learning to process management by analyzing the digital footprint of a business process.

KT and Appian have operations throughout the Americas, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific.  This global-scale presence will support clients in both manufacturing and service industries.

“We are delighted to announce this new partnership,” said Christoph Goldenstern, VP of Innovation and Product Development at KT.  “Our combined capabilities provide key advantages to our clients including: acceleration in discovery and analysis, significant improvements and cost reduction through increased efficiency, reliable compliance adherence, and improved automation in key functional areas.”

Here is the link to our press release: Kepner-Tregoe Announces Partnership With Appian | Business Wire

Kepner Tregoe Appian Partnership Press Release




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