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System Requirements

General requirements

To ensure a positive overall experience, please check to see that your computer meets the following minimum requirements:

  • A reliable broadband internet connection (minimum 25 mbps)
  • A modern browser (an up to date version of Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari – no Internet Explorer)

Check your browser settings:

  • Allow pop-up windows
  • Allow cookies
  • Ensure you have not disabled JavaScript (for eLearning).


Connectivity tests and tips


WebEx connectivity test

• Note: Do not join WebEx sessions using a Chromebook or Tablet as those devices have limited functionality

KT Books

Digital workshop materials – ensure you can access this site:

Login and open the test book with the following credentials:


Password: Hello@123

Two display monitors (or a second screen – i.e., a tablet) are highly recommended for virtual sessions: one for joining the virtual classroom & the other for accessing digital workshop materials.

We do not recommend using a smartphone to access digital workshop materials due to the small screen size.

Frontline and Simulation

  • Frontline or Troubleshooting Simulation Test here

In-person workshop logistics

Please always check with your local health and safety (including Covid-19) guidelines and protocols and adjust your approach as needed.

For a successful workshop, the following are required:

Conference Room

  • A conference room 25′ x 35′ or larger
  • Lighting to ensure projector and easel work is legible to all and participant materials are also legible, preferably lighting that can be dimmed in front but remain well-lit in participant work area
  • Ventilation, air conditioning or heating adequate to ensure comfort during the sessions.
  • Exclusive use evening prior to seminar through last day of program
  • Minimal distraction from outside noise
  • Adequate wall space for posting easel sheets, at least 2 of 4 walls suitable for this purpose
  • Rest rooms nearby to accommodate the number of participants for all training sessions to be conducted.
  • Tables arranged in a “U” shape, providing unobstructed view of the overhead screen and easels.
  • Enough chairs to accommodate all the participants. Chairs should be comfortable, preferably with armrests.
  • Small table and a chair at the front of the room for the instructor’s use.
  • Table along one of the walls to store materials.
  • At least two breakout rooms for small group work (case studies and application), each with an easel and flip chart pad. (Note: if the main meeting room is sufficiently large, groups can break out into the four corners of that room).

Material and Equipment

  • Each participant will require their own device with internet access to view digital workshop materials (see General System Requirements for more details)
  • For simulation sessions, only 2 devices per group of 4 is required
  • Power bars accessible for participants to keep their devices charged
  • Guest internet access for the instructor
  • Computer Projector with enough extension cord to reach outlet and not inhibit movement in room
  • A screen, large enough to be seen by all participants.
  • At least six flip chart easels – two at the front of the room for the instructor and one each for the breakout groups
  • Plenty of chart pads (27″ X 34″), minimum of 10

Other information

  • Classes typically begin at 8:00 AM and conclude 5:00 PM each day (earlier on the last day)
  • Maximum one hour for lunch. Lunch catered on-site to minimize time away from workshop is preferred
  • Coffee and soft drink breaks available twice a day, (approximately 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.)

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