“Why Technical Training Does Not Work” – Video

Oct 12, 2012
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A discussion from Dave Broenen of Cisco Systems on how Cisco turned the tables to get profitable results from their support organization. In this video Dave challenges the natural affinity of service organizations to favor software and technical training as predominant solutions to service challenges. He demonstrates how this approach is creating a widening gap between customer expectation and actual service capability.
In order to drive performance, service organizations must leverage their most valuable service asset -people. Dave discusses why a strategic, process and people driven approach is critical to delivering a consistent, high quality problem resolution throughout the service organization. He shows how to design a program that fosters results that are profitable and sustainable throughout the organization.

  • Learn how to spend less, sweat less and profit more from your training program
  • Learn how junior engineers can get results like elite escalation engineers

Learn how to build your troubleshooting capacity without increasing head count.
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