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itSMF USA Root Cause Analysis Summit featuring Kepner-Tregoe

Sep 21, 2015
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The itSMF USA Problem Management Group Will Be Conducting a Joint Root Cause Analysis Summit on BrightTalk This September 30, 2015, Featuring Two of the Industry’s Leading Structured RCA Methodologies.

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In customer-support environments, IT professionals are always looking for the right toolset with which to address problems and incidents. The following Root Cause and problem analysis methodologies provide a structured and technology-independent process to deal with any problem or incident. Getting more efficiently to the root cause of problems leads to more permanent solutions, helping to reduce recurring incidents and increasing IT stability.

Join us on September 30, 2015 from 2:00PM to 3:00PM Eastern Time

Kepner-Tregoe featuring Christoph Goldenstern and Stefan Brahmer will talk about the role of Root Cause Analysis in the context of IT support functions, the pressures they face as well as the goals and needs for specific results when deploying different RCA and troubleshooting techniques. Furthermore, they will discuss the challenges of adopting new skills in high-pressure, complex, process-driven service environments and ways to overcome the gap between the theory of training and on-the-job proficiency via coaching and simulation.

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Speaker Bio’s

Christoph Goldenstern is the global Vice President of Strategy at Kepner-Tregoe (KT) and a member of KT’s Executive Leadership Team. Based in Princeton, NJ, he is responsible for KT’s global strategy, products and marketing. Prior to assuming this role, Christoph led a global team of consultants who served clients in a range of high tech industries providing a range of consulting and capability development services dedicated to helping clients achieve strategic and operational improvements in the area of service excellence.

Stefan Brahmer is a Senior Consultant with Kepner-Tregoe EMEA. He focuses on designing, leading and managing service excellence solutions for Telecoms and Technology clients. His primary area of expertise is Major Incident and Problem Management, delivering solutions that support predictable performance in Incident and Problem Management environments covering the full information supply chain including vendor support.

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