KT Cockpit for Operational Excellence

Solution Overview

KT Cockpit is a set of business process apps for driving Operational Excellence across your business and extended Supply Chain including: KT Issues, Improvement Projects and Audits for continuous improvement.

KT Cockpit runs on a scalable web platform, and delivers a portfolio of business & mobile ‘apps’ that enable you to:

  • Assess the performance of your Supply Chain to target areas where gaps exist and develop plans for improvement
  • Develop a register of all your suppliers to track and improve performance against agreed criteria
  • Identify and implement projects that will impact delivery performance and collaboration across the Supply Chain
  • Track and resolve all supply chain issues to avoid disruptions and have contingency plans in place

The KT Cockpit apps provide a common approach based on industry best practices that include performance dashboards for real-time executive visibility, control and confidence. The platform can be accessed by PC, tablet or smartphone – anytime, anywhere.

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