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Understanding Thinking Process

Thinking as a process allows teams and leaders to think collaboratively, across functions and borders, towards shared enterprise goals.

“Thinking as a Process”, embodies the way in which Kepner-Tregoe (KT) views organizational development. KT thinking processes advocate a focused, consistent method of KT Clear Thinking, root cause analysis, and situation appraisal processes to quickly isolate the problem to find a solution. KT’s Clear Thinking processes ensure strategic alignment with the organization’s goals,  guide project management, and encourage team collaboration.

An integral part of the KT Clear Thinking methodology is prioritization and accurate assessment of operations and processes. Thinking as a process is having a systematic framework of analysis that gives executives and managers the tools and confidence to perform brilliantly under pressure. Ultimately, Thinking as a process focuses on building organizational capability to resolve complex business problems fast and foster growth.

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