Collaborative cultures outperform all others.

Collaboration and community-based approaches towards daily operational issues are clearly the “way of the future.” Effectively leveraging the collective brainpower of the organization is your ultimate goal. Unfortunately, teams often struggle when they do not have a common approach for resolving issues together. 

Is this what you're experiencing?

  • Viewpoints are heavily influenced by the functional area that individuals work in. Often times, this gets in the way of finding the best solution for the organization.
  • Because of variations in issue-resolution capability, teams take too much time to “storm and norm” before they get down to “performing.”
  • Teams frequently lack the confidence that they have the skills, knowledge, and authority to resolve an issue.
  • Teams reach a recommendation, but can’t clearly demonstrate to senior management how they got there. So after much effort, no decision is made at all.

Our Solutions

Issue Resolution Management

We equip the leaders of tomorrow with the necessary rational and critical thinking skills that are the foundation of effective leadership and issue resolution management. The result: Clear Thinking that drives performance improvement.

Program Leader Development (Train-the-Trainer)

Program Leaders are equipped to lead workshops within your organization. These leaders play a critical role in developing and implementing programs that drive sustainability and align the organization for success.

Process Facilitator and Coach Development

This is where “what we know” becomes “what you know.” Process Facilitators and Coaches integrate the use of KT processes by providing leadership, coaching, and facilitation. As certified facilitators and coaches, your leaders will assist their colleagues in solving difficult problems, making tough decisions, setting priorities, and planning ahead.