Kepner-Tregoe’s team development expertise enables organizations both at the team and individual level to resolve previously unsolvable problems.. Kepner-Tregoe team development initiatives help human resource professionals provide programs that bring higher quality, consistency, alignment and collaboration to teams and organizations. Our team development programs use our KT Clear Thinking process which is the basis for all effective leadership.

Kepner-Tregoe's expertise in developing the skills of teams begins with identifying organizations' specific needs and then providing custom business solutions to build:

  • Practices for fast resolution of day to day issues
  • Scalable Project Management capability for projects of all sizes
  • Structure for meetings to drive effective action
  • A common language to leverage the collective brainpower
  • Practices that separate assumption from facts
  • Analytic problem solving and decision making abilities
  • Risk management discipline

Kepner-Tregoe consultants provide expertise to move teams from fire-fighting mentality to teams with a purpose and structure to resolve issues systematically.  KT management consulting strategies significantly increase the ability to think correctly under pressure. Their lasting value lies in the transfer of capability to enable individuals and teams to become self sufficient in proactively resolving their own issues.  

Kepner-Tregoe’s team development expertise has produced tremendous results in organizations – from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies – for more than 50 years. KT experts have helped companies face difficult business challenges, foster strategic thinking and build powerful teams to enhance performance and growth.