Kepner-Tregoe 的 Bill Baldwin 荣获 2016 年度首席财务官成功奖

5月 16, 2016

这个奖项的获奖者打破了 "首席财务官的风险建议太多 "的观念

账单 荣获了 CFO工作室, with the 2016 Success Award for leading improvements across the organization, impacting the bottom line and operating strategically. Asked how CFOs can serve as innovators in moving the organization forward, he noted that CFOs can embrace risk by approaching decisions analytically. “Key business decisions should be made through a well-defined decision-making process, which includes clear objectives… and alternatives can be evaluated based on data, so that the best-balanced choice is made. If the risks are understood, preventative actions are in place, and corrective actions are planned … a CFO can have confidence that he or she has made the best decision. I have KT process to thank for that”.

All contestants are nominated by a third party then put through an extensive evaluation process by an independent panel of judges.  Bill was nominated by Bank of America.  This award includes him with some very distinguished company including CFOs from Vonage, Expedia, SAP, Tumi among others.