Kepner-Tregoe 推出新的社区平台

7月 10, 2023

Kepner-Tregoe introduces new community platform to foster knowledge sharing and collaboration

Kepner-Tregoe is pleased to announce the launch of its new community platform. The platform is designed to facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration among professionals to enhance organizational performance.

Kepner-Tregoe’s community platform enables members to share their expertise and experiences with each other, discuss best practices and learn from each other. By building a networked community of experts, the platform provides a comprehensive knowledge base that enables members to access best practices and resources to effectively address challenges.

“We are excited to introduce our new community platform,” said Phillip Thompson, VP Global Growth, Client Services & Marketing at Kepner-Tregoe. “In an increasingly connected world, sharing knowledge and experiences is critical to the success of organizations. Our platform enables professionals to connect with each other, expand their expertise and benefit from the experiences of others. We believe this creates significant value for our clients.”

Kepner-Tregoe’s community platform is available to all of the company’s clients. To gain full access & be able to comment, simply register for a “MyKT” account on our website.

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Kepner-Tregoe 是全球领先的管理咨询和问题解决公司。65 年来,公司一直帮助企业分析复杂问题、做出决策并有效实施变革。凭借久经考验的方法和丰富的专业知识,Kepner-Tregoe 已成为几乎所有财富 100 强公司值得信赖的合作伙伴。