“People + Process + Technology: The magic formula!”

For the 18th year now we’re continuing to explore and discuss the drivers of lasting results for our organizations and our customers. KT Connection22 provides a platform for networking and learning from like-minded KT practitioners and executives.

Please join us on Tuesday, 27 September 2022 for this year’s event in Ingelheim near Frankfurt –
在这里,著名的葡萄酒厂的 恩格尔塔的瓦西姆宫(Wasems Kloster Engelthal) 将再次接待我们,进行为期一天的网络和知识交流。

Although there are no planned events for Monday evening, our conference coincides with Ingelheim’s annual red wine festival, so there’s something interesting to do if you are arriving the evening before.

在庆祝今年的 "KT卓越奖 "获奖者的同时,我们希望听到你们的成功和学习,特别是关于。

•  Implementation of successful change
•  Keeping teams motivated long term
•  Solving tough problems
•  Balancing human needs & corporate drivers

Agenda KT Connection22


Attendees and speakers are invited to join us for a dinner at approx. 6:00pm on Tuesday 27th after the event ends. The dinner is complimentary and will be on the premises of Wasems Kloster Engelthal.

Please let us know in the comments if you would like to join us.



Prof. Dr. Jan U. Hagen,
Professor of Management, ESMT Berlin

Jan Hagen is a professor at European School of Management and Technology Berlin. Jan’s interest in research is to understand how organizations deal with errors and how managerial practice affects the learning culture of organizations. Jan’s personal interest is in interacting with organizations to transfer academic knowledge to management.

Piet Gaarthuis,
Vice President Customer Support, HCL Software

Piet Gaarthuis is Vice President of Customer Support at HCL Software, and a long time user of KT methods at HCL and previous roles at IBM. He is an innovator in making change stick with teams at all levels.

Lara Próspero,
Global Director – L&D Delivery Excellence, Microsoft

Lara Próspero is passionate about how human beings learn and develop, and how they interact in communities both real and virtual. Lara has been acting as a strategist on learning and cultural change processes, with her major focus on the definition of programs and initiatives that allow the attraction and retention of top talent individuals to act on the new digital world.

Rohan Patel,
Head of Support for Intelligent Technologies, SAP

Rohan Patel is Portfolio Head of Intelligent Technologies at SAP Labs, and has been at SAP for over 12 years. His expertise lies in using a diverse range of approaches for creating better customer experiences.

Radu Tomoiaga,
Sr. Business Program Manager – L&D Delivery Excellence, Microsoft

Radu Tomoiaga has held several key learning and development positions in a variety of industries prior to joining Microsoft. He believes that the trick to education is to teach and help others teach in such a way so that people do not realize they are learning until it is too late. Radu has produced a gold award-winning problem solving development program with Kepner-Tregoe.

Markus Elger,
Senior PreSales Consultant, Appian

Markus Elger is a Senior Solutions Consultant with more than 20 years of business and enterprise software experience across a multitude of domains. He has helped business and IT in numerous organizations to find the right technologies for supporting their key business objectives and is known for being adept at helping people “connect the dots” all across from high level strategic business objectives to operational initiatives to technological requirements and solutions, in particular from a process excellence and customer centricity perspective.

Steffen Germersdorf,
Head of Global Cloud Risk & De-Escalation Management, SAP

Steffen Germersdorf leads the critical incident team for SAP Global Cloud services and held a similar role at T-Systems. He has implemented KT methods in two different environments and is a key part of the SAP team that received a KT Excellence Award in 2022.



For participants of KT Connection22 we have reserved rooms at Weinhotel Wasem. The wine hotel consists of two buildings which are located in close proximity to each other in the historic center of Ingelheim and also very close to the event location, Wasem Kloster Engelthal.

Please let us know if you need a room or you can reserve directly with the hotel:

Information Hotel